The Arabic term “Manal” is defined as; to achieve or succeed. 

MANALL (MA-NALL) is a lifestyle brand focusing on individualism. The thumbprint represents the unique identity that ALL of us carry. MANALL, also pronounced as MAN-ALL signifies ALL MAN and WOMAN are one. We strive to achieve creative unity while maintaining individualism through fashion and culture. Fashion forecasting and abiding to comfort frame the core to this apparel lines success.


Saturday, February 4th, 2017 approximately 9:30p.m, our brand name "MANALL" was founded over a glass of Amereto Sour and a Westbrook IPA. Daiana Veron (@daiana_veron) and I were sitting at a bar downtown Charleston, SC where we found ourselves googling: "Baby names" (my sister was 3 months pregnant at the time). We somehow ended up in the Arabic name section and Daiana read the name "Manal" out loud. I paused mid-sip and said, "Let me see how that's spelled, that sounds like a cool brand name." After further research, we discovered the name "Manal" meant; to achieve or succeed in Arabic. Fast forward 3 months.. we are sitting in a shuttle van riding through the Puerto Rico rain forest - feeling very inspired. The conversation of "Manal" comes up and we start bouncing logo ideas, trying to come up with something that represents an individual or something that identifies one person. That's where the thumbprint was born, and the idea that adding an extra "L" to “MANAL” (creating “MANALL"), allows the brand to be pronounced two different ways; Ma-Nall or Man-All to express all Man and Woman are one or equal.